Fila Brazillia | Retrospecitve Redux 90 - 22

Fila Brazillia

retrospecitve redux 90 - 22


The Sheriff

A Zed And 2 Ls

Harmonicas Are Shite

Little Dipper

Throwing Down A Shape

Airlock Homes


Madame Le Fevre


Hush Hush

Toro De Fuego

ReWarm bless us with this collection that encompasses their wide ranging output. From pioneering psychedelic beats in the early 90s through to subaqueous house, downtempo deliciousness, rustic funk, and deranged disco in the current day; the neoteric duo’s healthy lack of reverence to scene and industry pressures has resulted in this enthrallingly fluid compendium of the past 30 years of electronic music.

‌With their original albums highly highly sought after on vinyl , this also includes previously digital only tracks ‘Madame Le Fevre’ and ‘Neanderthal’ along with an exclusive new composition ‘Toro De Fuego’.

David McSherry explains, “This retrospective separates Fila’s output into four distinct periods: the early Pork Recordings era, where you’d find us hunkered over a sampler and an Atari; the latter Pork chapter, when we were based in Stunk Dusty, further expanding the FB sound away from any pigeon-holes; the 23 Records period where we developed the live band approach to take on the road, and, finally; the post-Hull years with us working mostly remotely.” Steve Cobby adds “All the tracks have been remastered from the original DATs with a brand new tune ‘Toro De Fuego’ commissioned purely for the release”.