Felipe Gordon | Errare Humanum Est

Felipe Gordon

errare humanum est


Astronomical Displacing

Errare Humanum Est


Authentic Feeling

New Beginning 

Para José 

Take It, Acid Comes

Treat You Gently 

What We Gonna Do? 

I Don't Know

Easel Of Suave

Impressive concept LP... Errare Humanum Est comes from the Latin proverb "To err is human" as a musician and a human-being, you are constantly facing "mistakes" on your compositional work and your instrumental interpretation.

Felipe presents us his new album, a melting pot of musical ideas, again not trying to achieve a club track filled long play but a whole listening experience, not focusing only on dancing matters but also on every day musical enjoyment.

Primer Ocaso design Gatefold 2X12'' - 140 Gr Solid White Album edition.