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Earth Leakage Trip

psychotronic ep



Over 92

No Idea

Blank Mind reissue the legendary and rare as hen's teeth 'Psychotronic EP' by Earth Leakage Trip - lovingly remastered, new artwork and full picture sleeve.

First released in 1991, it was the first-ever record released by Moving Shadow. As you'd expect Discogs prices are nuts but collectability aside this is a key record in the history of UK electronic music and still sounds as dangerous as it did in '91. 

“The doors are where the windows should be, and the windows are where the doors should be”. If you had been in one of the more open-minded all-night raves in the early 90s you are likely more than familiar with Earth Leakage Trip’s ‘No Idea’.

You could write several pages about the 'Psychotronic EP' and still not nail it as well as Discogs user covert_operative's description of 'urban, British psychedelic music.' The Acid House narrative is all about ecstasy, but for many, especially outside of London, there was a lot of LSD involved. Things were edgier, too, with parties in derelict, liminal spaces. By the time this record came out in 1991, the rave was properly diverging from its house music beginnings.