Duval Timothy | Meeting With A Judas Tree

Duval Timothy

meeting with a judas tree

Label: Carrying Colour
Cat No: CC008LP

Status: Landed

Carrying Colour Duval Timothy Jazz LP



Wood ft. Yu Su



Thunder ft. Fauzia

Drift ft. Lamin Fofana

Duval Timothy new art jazz project - Transparent purple in clear vinyl.

"Primarily recorded at my home studio in South London, Carrying Colour studio in Freetown, my old studio in Rotherhithe Old Police Station, and Casa Mahler in Spoleto.

While making this record, I wanted to explore what the natural environment means personally. I went on many trips into nature to engage with plant life and natural materials. These included everyday strolls around South London, walks with my mum in the hills surrounding Bath (Up), hikes through Freetown, the hills of Spoleto, up line in Ghana and nature sanctuaries in Sierra Leone (Wood). I found incredible examples of nature in all of these contexts, which I felt personally close to”.