Various Artists | Friends & Family EP



Medlar - Bandit

Manuel Darquart - Euphoria

Jon Sable - Infinite Care

Moon feat. Tamu - Handmade

Familiar faces and new recruits for a Wolf Music four-track VA EP that’s "strictly for the groovers" This label is a family affair and always give us the bumper various artist ep's...

Wolf OG, Medlar kicks it off in signature style with 'Bandit', a heads-down, techno-tinged trip. Machine music with the soul of south London. Next, professor of the dark arts, Manuel Darquart, conjures up the aptly named 'Euphoria' a deep, ‘90s leaning house excursion, synth wizardry and all, that works just as well as a sunset cruiser, as it does an end-of-the-night closer.

On the flip, two long-time listeners, first-time callers, with a double dose of debuts on the label. Jon Sable takes the B1 with 'Infinite Care', offering up that trademark strong and Sable, In Dust We Trust flavour. Deep, emotive, intricate house with a nod to the worlds of Bruk and Chicago house melded together with that NZ feel.

Closing it out, debut number two comes in the form of a rising star moon who lays down a beatsy, broken earworm ‘Handmade’ featuring some dreamy bars from Tamu.

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