Donna Laser Orchestra | Vega Synthauri / Grace Kelly's Song

Donna Laser Orchestra

vega synthauri / grace kelly's song


Vega Synthauri

Grace Kelly Song


Big Italo / Synth cuts ressurected by Best Italy


"Another Italo Disco Pearl, Vega Synthauri One the most spontaneous and genuine tracks of the first half of 80s. The song, written by composer Daniele Pace (co-author Corrado Conti), is a futuristic and galactic dance floor piece with a heavy rhythmic focus where the main melodic line has a classical music feel to it.  This track by Donna Laser is one of the most significant electronic tracks of the entire Italo-Disco scene even beyond the mid-80s, was arranged by the talented Mark Owen (aka Marco Colucci). His synthesizer skills are a true art! This release was mixed at the renowned Trafalgar Recording Studios of Rome by Gaetano Ria, one of the most accredited technicians of the country in that period. "Grace Kelly's Song" on the flip is a very beautiful quiet nostalgic piece, that could fit perfectly into an Italian dramatic film of the late 70s or early 80s, a cute and delicate track to unwind after the monster killer on side A  Masterpiece created by the young visionary DJ Marco Marati. "