DJ Fokus | Get A Bearing / Dream - More on way early Feb

DJ Fokus

get a bearing / dream - more on way early feb


Get A Bearing


The first-ever reissue of this in-demand 94 jungle scorcher from DJ Fokus.

Having broken out with two 12”s on Monroe Production’s Blueprint Records, DJ Fokus quickly followed up at the Monroe Studios, under the watchful eye of legendary engineer Pete Parsons (Voyager), with two self-funded 12”s on his Suicide imprint before putting pen to paper with Lucky Spin Recordings. Now regularly demanding three figure sums both releases have achieved cult status amongst junglists both young and old.

Fundamental Frequencies is a back room record label (headed by Doug Shipton of archival label Finders Keepers Records), dedicated to unearthing lesser-spotted, sought-after and unreleased choice cuts of jungle, acid, ambient, techno, hardcore, breakbeat (and the galaxy of genres scattered in-between) that helped shape and in some cases bridge the scenes.