DJ Fett Burger | Ephemeral Lightspeed

DJ Fett Burger

ephemeral lightspeed


Ephemeral Lightspeed 

Ephemeral Lightspeed (Beatless version) 

Ephemeral Lightspeed (LNS remix) 

Ephemeral Lightspeed (Snorre Magnar Solberg Acid Solarpunk remix) 

Notes from label... "Fett Burger is back with some old-school sounding deep acid melodic rave. With a different sounding break beat. Here the heavy but dreamy melody takes the lead and acid drips gives it a drive and and extra layer of emotion. The original version and a shorter beatless version, to give it a deeper trip. First remix by underground talent LNS. She keeps everything real and smooth, with her now recognisable quality electro-IDM sound. The second remix by Bergen based artist Snorre Magnar Solberg takes everything a notch up”.