DJ Fett Burger & Cato Canari | Para Siempre

DJ Fett Burger & Cato Canari

para siempre


Para Siempre (Italo Balearic Vocal Mix)

Para Siempre (Elements of Trance)

Para Siempre (Italo Balearic Instrumental Mix)

DJ Fett Burger & Cato Canari team up on this special collaboration release, in the vein of the true Balearic spirit.Para Siempre comes in two different versions to fully give you the experience of the lost dream of Ibiza:

The “Italo Balearic” version for a vintage infused sentimental melodic experience, with the dreamy voice of Florencia. A tune that captures the true emotional spirit of the Balearic dream! Comes with a bonus instrumental.

The second mix, “Elements of Trance”, captures the spirit in a more modern way, but still with the greatness of the sounds from the past. A classy trance infused version. Bit more energetic in style, but still with the melodic and a melancholic touch, in the most desirable way.