DJ Absolutely Shit | Chaos Is A Ladder

DJ Absolutely Shit

chaos is a ladder


Hope This Makes 7th Sense

I Really Know We Can Make It

Total Carnage

Chaos Is A Ladder

Back in.....Finally, the full vinyl release of DJ Absolutely Shit's 'Chaos Is A Ladder EP'. Still very limited don't sleep on this breakbeat rave banger!

"A super limited Lathe cut dubplate with unique track list was issued a while back... Now the full 4-track EP lands on 12" vinyl and full colour artwork.

This release includes two heavyweight bangers, not on the dubplate: The dark acid breakbeat and club destroying sub drops of 'Total Carnage' and this year's summer piano anthem to finish them all 'Hope This Makes 7th Sense'.

These two tracks alongside the huge 'Chaos Is A Ladder' and 'I Really Know We Can Make It' make this a 'Break-glass-in-case-of-emergency' record".