Dima Disk | Pahakas

Dima Disk


Label: Surve
Cat No: SURVE001

Status: Landed

12" Ambient Breakbeat Breaks Dima Disk Surve UKG


U R A Gem


Mama Lbt




Proper moody and versatile UK underground sounds - deep 90s techno / ambient and early jungle / breaks influenced

“Dima Disk is back in action & on the shelves with six tracks of dark & moody takes on jungle/breaks on freshly registered Surve Records. Our informants reported that the duo of Robert Nikolajev & Ragnar Rahuoja might have been sitting on this for a while. We last heard of them on Rubadub’s white label series in 2017. The wait is easily forgivable though –– take “Maribo” with its propelling bass-engines, high flying synth stabs & hi–hat skelter for starters. Sweaty! Or “Pahakas” full of mischievous funk & rumble plus that firm “Woooh!” sample. Smokey, energetic dance equipment for you & yours”.