Dennis Olivieri | Come To The Party - RSD2023 on sale 8pm Monday 24th April

Dennis Olivieri

come to the party - rsd2023 on sale 8pm monday 24th april



Sad Song #1

Mama's Funeral Song

Walk Rite Out

Fuzzy Soft Thing

I Cry In The Morning

Come To The Party

You Gotta

Lady Fair

More Friends

Yesterday Was Nuthin' Like Today

This year's RSD curveball recommend from us... Folky Psychedelic Rock from 1969....if this could be your vibe go check out the music on youtube - we found it most entertaining.

First re-issue since its original pressing and this time on a limited edition Sky Blue vinyl. The highly sought-after record Come To The Party is very much a homage to the end of the 60’s and was produced at the Hollywood Sound Recorders by the songwriter Tandyn Almer (""Along Comes Mary""). Musicians included Dennis on piano, Jack Elliott on guitar, Ronnie Brown bass, Eddie Greene percussion. Tommy Scott sax, and Tandyn Almer on Rocksichord.

Sampled by Dj Shadow on Six Day War on the Private Press album bringing new interest to Dennis's musical career.