Deepchord | Luxury



Label: Soma
Cat No: SOMA394

Status: Landed

12" Deepchord Dub Techno Soma


Luxury 1

Luxury 2

2014 EP Repressed… Rod Model’s world of slick beats and even dreamier synths and atmospheres.

“Luxury 1 ebbs in majestically as beautifully crafted layers of synths glide across field recorded drops of water that instantly play with your senses. Pumping sub bass fills the rest of the spectrum as Rod does what he does best by creating an unending slick groove, pieced together by crisp percussion.

Yet more atmospherics come into play in Luxury 2 as otherworldly field recordings are brought to life through the use of Rod's unique processing and layers of dream state synths. A perfectly worked groove seems to come out of nowhere and glides gently under the atmosphere; again subtle percussion ties everything together seamlessly”.