Deepchord | Campfire EP


campfire ep

Label: Soma
Cat No: SOMA497

Status: Landed

12" Ambient Deep Techno Deepchord Dub Techno Soma


Perfumes Of A Spring Mist



2017 EP Repressed… spaced out, ambient sound fields to classic Dub Techno.

Perfumes Of A Spring Mist delicately opens this latest EP with entrancing, processed soundscapes, beautifully haunting melody and simple rhythmic elements than seem to evolve naturally allowing you to get lost in the sea of vibrations. Xpan leans on the more classic Dub Techno sound from Deepchord of years passed. Sub heavy beats and jagged yet tranquil synths sweep across the palette as Deepchord plays with constantly fluctuating chords, bringing the quintessential 90s Deep Techno into his more modern, processed sound. Title track Campfire brings ambience to the forefront to close out the EP. Melancholic synth elements drift across an expanse of refined and uniquely crafted field recordings, offering an insight into the areas from which Deepchord draws his inspiration.