Deepchord | Atmospherica Vol 2


atmospherica vol 2

Label: Soma
Cat No: SOMA452

Status: Landed

12" Ambient Deepchord Dub Techno Soma


Exploring The North

Pinewood Lodge

Shot Point

Repressed… 2016 EP.

Exploring the North & Pinewood Lodge see Rod Modell on more Deep Techno excursions as beautifully sweeping pads and glistening synths drift by ever evolving, perfectly processed atmospheres. Deepchord's unique use of subtle field recordings throughout give both of these tracks a real heady/druggy quality and his seamless loops allow you to drift of into his fully developed dream world. Shot Point delves into straight up ambient territory with Deepchord striking an unearthly balance between the natural and synthetic world. Yet more flawlessly collected field recordings wash away on an ocean of reverb soaked pads, drowning the listener within its mesmerising tides.