Deep Heat | Do It Again / She's A Junkie (Who's The Blame) - RSD2022

Deep Heat

do it again / she's a junkie (who's the blame) - rsd2022

Label: CU-WU
Cat No: CW101

Status: Landed

7" Backcatalog oc22 CU-WU Deep Heat RSD2022 Soul


Do It Again

She's A Junkie (Who's The Blame)

A totally brilliant funkier version of Steely Dan's first-ever hit which stands loud and proud in re-interpreting this classic song into something much more appropriate for today's more sophisticated dance-floors.

Originally released in 1975 on the tiny Detroit label, Cu-Wu, original copies soon ran out. There is currently just one available in the entire world for $1000 and that'll be gone in a blink. 

A great socially-conscious flip too, the uptempo funky "She's A Junky (Who's To Blame)".