DCM / El Kazed | Transatlantic Deepness EP

DCM / El Kazed

transatlantic deepness ep


El Kazed – Day In Heaven

DCM & El Kazed – Liquid Pulse

DCM – In Effect

DCM & El Kazed – Sensual Breakdown

Ordinaire - on point house music with another string EP.. local talent El Kazed and their Colombian friend DCM. First and last cuts check check!

El Kazed starts this EP with a trademark deep house track, mixing lush pads, atmospheric leads and a driving bassline. Next we have “Liquid Pulse”, a dreamy track for one of the two collaborations between our fellows.

The B side explores a more “techy” sound. For his first solo track on Ordinaire Records, DCM provides “In Effect”, a track that will satisfy all amateurs of swingy drums with spy novel ambiance throughout. “Sensual Breakdown” finishes the release with a more contemplative flavor.