Daniel Avery | Ultra Truth 2LP

Daniel Avery

ultra truth 2lp

Label: Phantasy Sound
Cat No: PHLP19X

Status: Landed

2xLP Daniel Avery Phantasy Sound Techno


New Faith

Ultra Truth

Wall Of Sleep

The Slow Bullet




Near Perfect



Collapsing Sky

Lone Swordsman

Overflowing With Escape

Chaos Energy

Heavy Rain

Trip (bonus track)

White vinyl LP  .....Includes the beautiful Weatherall tribute "Lone Swordsman" which was only released on a ltd direct 12" in 2021 - so if you want that this is the only way at moment!

‘Ultra Truth’ offers a very different listening experience to any of Avery’s previous records. It inhabits its own world of sound, a construct built in Avery’s Thames side studio with collaborative help from a host of friends: the production touch of Ghost Culture and Manni Dee, the vocals of HAAi, Jonnine Standish (HTRK), AK Paul and the voices of Marie Davidson, Kelly Lee Owens, Sherelle and James Massiah.