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Danger Boys

monsters from the future


Monsters From The Future

Mind Control Musique

Gringo Tropicana

Tropicana Suite + +

Danger Boys are most likely no stranger to your ears. AKA The Neapolitan duo of (Raffaele Arcella) Whowdamanny and (Enrico Fierro) Milord ..as well as Mystic Jungle Tribe, of which the duo comprises 2/3) that have infected dance floors the world over.

Here, the duo inhabits their latest incarnation/incantation: a postapocalyptic, post-punk, disco-not-afro disco sound, with guitar solos and Mediterranean rhythms a plenty

The EP starts off with the spaced-out chugger, Monsters From the Future - which drags you into their bizarre universe, before ratcheting up the tempo for the rest of the EP.

Next up is Mind Control Musique, which delivers an insanely catchy chorus sung in a non-existent language.

THEN - the B-side - where Danger Boys opt to sing in Spanish for two versions of Gringo Tropicana, a track which is already becoming a staple of numerous prominent DJ’s summer festival sets (including Bradley Zero, Yu SU, and Artwork, to name a few).