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Temperate Clay Banister

Shrubbery Grub Ratepayer

Sacramental Lettuce

Proximity to the Blellum

Bogged Embrace

Take Two Estate Agents

In Luted Plaque Water

Woodwind Sunbather

CCV - Party Time

CCV - Slot Cut Trench

Cru Servers return to the 12th Isle after five long years with a new LP's worth of their technicolour machine mulch.Forward organic electronic fun. Comes with bonus 7”.

""Part hexagonal lube-pool, part peatman’s gallbladder; EEL marks an encephalitic (onward) plowter for both of us. Like intractable flagellations hoisted through individual druse romps, staminate bleachfields give way to unillustrated gonging, in chiefly 12V 3A veinlets”.


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12th Isle

Tags: 12th isle, Cru servers, Electronic, Experimental, Lp + 7"

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