Cristina Camargo | Moral Tem Hora / Minas Di Rei Salomão



Moral Tem Hora 

Minas Do Rei Salomão

New Parisian label with this mega sought-after official 7” reissue of two stirring titles by Brazilian singer and composer Cristina Camargo.

She released only 2 albums in 1980 and 1981, but still enough to collaborate with some of the best composers, musicians and producers at that time. “Moral Tem Hora” comes from this same LP and is a perfect example of the unique alchemy that emerged when the Disco and Boogie invaded the Brazilian music scene… composed by famous brothers, Marcos and Paulo Sérgio Valle.

On B side comes “Minas Do Rei Salomão”, a more chilled-out title extracted from Cristina’s 2nd album, Santa Maravilha. With its funky slapped bass, airy keyboards and the sweet vocals of Cristina, the song seems made to sip a nice cocktail at Ipanema.

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