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Creation Rebel

close encounters of the third world


Know Yourself



Dangerous And Deadly

Shouldn't Do That

Creation Fever

Natty Conscience Free

Joyful Noise

On-U Sound present a crucial reissue campaign of keyalbums by Creation Rebel, the original On-U Soundhouse band. Vinyl reissue of five much sought afteralbums, most of which have been out of print for over40 years.

Legendary dub LP .Originally released on pre-On-U Sound label Hitrun it has been carefully pieced back togetherfor this new edition, featuring extended 12” disco mixversions of ‘Beware’ and ‘Natty Conscience Free’, recut by Frank Merritt at The Carvery. Includes new sleeve notes by reggae scholar David Katz that tells the story of the album in full, plus digital download card included.