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Constantine Weir aka Yahya

people power


People Power Pt.1

People Power Pt.2

Spiritual rising energy driven folky jazz jam on this 7"... Galliano founder returns.

Those who know, know. This is a man who has both stood on stage in front of thousands of fans and sat silently at the feet of Sufi masters. His journey began as a leading light within the underground club scenes of East London and Soho. There he co-founded the group Galliano and created the template for Acid Jazz – a movement that continues to this day. Having spent 10 years in Africa dedicated to self-development and study of Sufism. He has now returned to London and reconnected to his artistic roots. Writing, singing, producing, directing, designing, and collaborating by way of his new label ITEZ Records – with his own brand of afro folk, spiritual soul, jazz, and reggae, Itez Music marks the long-awaited return of 21st Century Renaissance Man, Constantine Weir a.k.a YAHYA.