Citi Express | Living For The City

Citi Express

living for the city

Label: Afrosynth
Cat No: AFS055

Status: Landed

Afrosynth Citi Express House LP


It's Too Late

Love Is The Message

People Of The World

Victim Of Your Love

Living For The City

Open Invitation

Rare SA LP reissued by Afrosynth Records.

Cover versions of international songs have long thrived in South Africa’s music industry. Often unable to license the original tracks (until the early 90s the result of an international boycott of the country) labels instead hired producers and session artists to re-record them for the local market. Early house music in SA was no different.

When Ron ‘Robot’ Friedman, former bass player for local rockers Rabbitt, was winding down his label On Records in the early 90s, he reached out for new inspiration as the popularity of ‘bubblegum’ disco waned. For one of the label’s final releases he hired young DJ/producer Quentin Foster, obsessed with the new soulful house sound coming out of the US, to take the reins on a studio project dubbed Citi Express.

The result offers a glimpse into those early days of house, a uniquely South African take on a global sound that still resonates today.