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I'll Show You How

Wishing On A Wishing Well

Back in.....A sweet mystery 7" from Melodies... Wouldn't call it rare, it didn't really exist, an amazing 7" to track down and reissue...

"Our next release, “I’ll Show You How” is by far one of the most beautiful love songs we’ve ever heard.

Close to no information is available about it other than it was published and released in the 1970s as a private press through the late legendary Seattle producer Kearney Barton. Unfortunately, most information the estate had was lost in a flood and none of the collectors and music historians from the PNW area we contacted, nor the University of Washington State who inherited a large part of Barton’s tape collection knew anything about the band or its mysterious songwriter “L. Leavy”. We are still searching for the band, anyone who knows anything, give us a shout! Mrs./Mr. Leavy, where are you..?"