Chris Gray | Cosmic Simmering

Chris Gray

cosmic simmering

Label: SAFT
Cat No: SAFT24

Status: Landed

2xLP Chris Gray Deep House SAFT


Forage The Courage (What Could Be)

Woks & Their Toasted Sesame

3s Then A Flour

Bring It To A Simmer

Freshened With Seductive Acidity

It's A Bad Day When The Store Locks Away Detergent

Fennel & Dill Pollen

The Rest, In Peas

Flan De Qoi Choi

Tikka Luvr

The Puttanesca Caper

Every Child's Pots & Pans

This Game Hen's Game's On

Cosmic Simmering is a very personal new album of unreleased material from Chris Gray on Saft. The 13 track album has been composed of previously lost archives, restored DAT tapes and old CDs and it plots the musical evolution of one of house music's most underrated artists.

Work on this album started in March 2020 when Chris started digging around in his archives. Some of what he found was sketched in the late 80s, while other tracks were written a few months after Chris moved to Chicago and was living in his uncle's south side attic in early 1993. There are also some cuts from 1995 onwards which have been salvaged from deteriorating DAT tapes after a friend of Chris fixed his player. There is also a selection of early 2000s deep4life material taken from 20-year-old backups on cheap CDs, all brought back to life for this record.