Chari Chari | Folk Remedy Anthems 1 & 2

Chari Chari

folk remedy anthems 1 & 2


Aurora 2004 (Calm Present KF's Re-touch) 

Beast In Batuque 

Spirit In Tala 

Night Stream 


In Dope Rhythms 

Calling Spirit 

The sublime music of Kaoro Inoue is the subject of this essential new compilation on Mysticisms. Inoue describes himself as an "extreme music lover" and has been for more than 30 years. His Chari Chari alias is all about self-expression and the music here has previously only been available digitally. It fuses ambient, house and techno soundscapes across four sides of vinyl with a deeply spiritual outlook and soul-soothing sound. Organic percussion, traditional instruments and new age moods all colour the deeply enticing grooves.