Central Fire | This Is A Shout Going Out

MC 054


This is A Shout Going Out (Into The Future Mix)

This Is A Dub Going Out (Sliced & Spliced by Jim Hopkins)

Central Fire (Yes People It's Time: Part 1 & 2)

Mint Condition reissue this 1994 trippy / breaky West Coast house jam…

Back in the early '90's California's West Coast's parties, raves and clubs began to be fuelled by the emergent sound of tripped-out acid breakbeats and psychedelic house jams. Jason Drummond, AKA DJ Spun & Courtney Nielsen teamed up as Central Fire, their debut was both influential and pioneering, released in '94 on Twitch Recordings, a mainstay of the San Fran scene, it would pave the way for what was to come.

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Tags: 12", Backcatalog oc22, Breakbeat, Breaks, Central fire, Mint condition, Techno

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