Carl Finlow | WGD 12007 - Expected Soon

Carl Finlow

wgd 12007 - expected soon






Seems fitting that this label brings the sounds of a true pioneer of Electro and Techno fusion to the next WGD solo series edition.

“A master of the sonic journey that blends futuristic textures with a timeless essence, he sets out his stall with the creeping drawl of ‘Equi’ on A1, leading with heavyweight bass that’s set to cycle as metronomic snares pop to sci-fi synthesis that can’t help but make your body twitch. It is however the lush shimmer of ‘Aether’ A2 that really captures the heart and soul. A tour de force in emotive Electronics that arise from the depths of Atlantis to sweep you into a whole other moment of existential bliss. A superlatively crafted composition fuelled by the power of the DX-100, awash with melancolic strings and whispy melodies that are combined to perfection”.