Caldera | 5D Worlds


Amphibian Dance

Dolphin Skii

Turbine Mode (Underwater Sunset Mix) 

Martino Fantasma 

New 12" on Nummer deep forward warm trippy and dubby underground sounds…

“Caldera, lets us delve into his multi-faceted personality with his new EP, 5D Worlds. No VR set needed, Caldera follows the chant of the sirens and the shamanic incantations but never directly references them: a psychoactive journey without the psychedelics. Caldera’s 5D Worlds is a hyperreal ride, from his signature dubby grooves to his lesser known Tech-Trance whopper fantasies – As the BPM evolves, the sound designs morph and the gentle percussion give way to sonar-like synths and binary rhythms. Are you finally hearing the sirens? Good, you have arrived at your destination”.

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