Bosq | Wake Up


wake up

Label: Bacalao
Cat No: BAC003

Status: Landed

12" Afro BACALAO Bosq Deep House Disco Edits Edits


Wake Up ft. Kaleta

Omo Iya ft. Kaleta

Mambue ft. Justo Valdez & Evan Laflamme

El Carriquí

The Afro-Disco bomb of "Wake Up" 70’s synth-driven West African disco influenced party vibes - big horns and hooks

Omo Iya leans more towards the funk influences of Kaleta’s home country of Benin & Bosq’s adopted home, Colombia. Mambue pairs Son Palenque’s Justo Valdez and his Afro Colombian folkloric stylings, voiced in Palenquero, with wind instrument master Evan Laflamme for a housey percussion heavy Afro- Latin Jazz cut.

The instrumental piece El Carriquí draws inspiration from funk greats like Cymande & War and fuses them with rhythms and Marimba stylings typical of Colombia’s Pacific Coast region.