Bob James X DJ Jazzy Jeff | That Bop/ Shamboozie

Bob James X DJ Jazzy Jeff

that bop/ shamboozie

Label: Evo Sound
Cat No: EVO9052

Status: Landed

7" Bob James DJ Jazzy Jeff Evo Sound House Jazz


That Bop


Jazzy Jeff famously sampled Bob James' classic track "Westchester Lady." on the 1987 smash, "A Touch Of Jazz," In a full circle moment, James and Jeff have joined forces on the tune "That Bop," a modern nu-jazz jam . "It was fun to work with him so many years after he had sampled me in the past," says James, who reveals they collaborated by sharing music files across the internet during the pandemic. "We also did a couple of other tunes that may see the light of day soon," discloses James, who is keen to work with the hip- hop legend again. "I hope the next time we'll actually be in the studio at the same time so that we can interact," he says. The B-side features Bob James' original jazz-funk classicmand DJ favourite, "Shamboozie", available for the first time on 7" vinyl. Ltd 1200 worldwide.