Beat Spacek Aka Steve Spacek/ Lukid | WC 001

Beat Spacek Aka Steve Spacek/ Lukid

wc 001


Beat Spacek - Alone In Da Sun

Lukid - Hair Of The Dog

Opportunity to get the modern heads down classic by Steve Spacek 'Alone In Da Sun' on a fresh 12”… Intense amazing music on both sides of this 12” - electronic headz beats.

Well Curated is a series of releases and parties that - in its own words - "reflects the ethnomusicology of the last 50 years of music" - and aims to reach into all genres, merging classic styles and breaking down barriers. Steve Spacek occupies the A-side ,while Lukid's 'Hair Of The Dog' is a more intense counterpart, with wobbling sub-bass and swirling, surging atmospherics hovering above.