Bassfort | Moon Shadow (10th Anniversary Mixes)


moon shadow (10th anniversary mixes)


Moon Shadow (Joe Claussell remix)

Moon Light (Kyodai rework)

The very first Local Talk release from 2011 - Gets the rework treatment - Joe Clausell gives us a special very accessible mix... an +11 minute long musical house journey that builds and builds until those characteristic piano chords make an entrance and transform the dynamics into a rainbow of sounds. Monster!

Javi & Luis aka Kyodai (and 2/3 of Bassfort) made their own mix on the B side track from the original release, Moonlight.

As schooled jazz musicians they diverted from the electronic soundscape and went for a live jazz-funk production.

The final product is a warm and musical version with live drums, bass, piano, strings and even vocals from the brothers themselves.

Local Talk are very happy with this one describing as "The track almost comes across as something 4 Hero would put out back in the day”.