B.W.H. | Livin' Up / Stop (Grey Vinyl)


livin' up / stop (grey vinyl)

Label: Best Record
Cat No: HM1001/R

Status: Landed

12" B.W.H. Best Record Euro-Disco


Livin Up Original Version 

Stop Original Version

An essential part of the European disco history, these two tracks are true 'milestones' and Italo-Disco in the purest form. The sound that only the most virtuous and innovative young Italian DJs and arrangers were able to create in the early 80s. B.W.H is Stefano Zito (aka Black Way), Stefano Galante, and the late Carlo Favilli, "Stop" is dubbed "the best B-side ever! It was I-f's Mixed Up The Hague mix that brought this to the attention of a wider audience and have been considered one of the holy grails of Italo ever since - Official remastered reissue.

Grey vinyl copies too - let us know if you want one of those instead of black.