Ayala | Views



Label: Batov
Cat No: BTR052LP

Status: Landed

12" Ayala Backcatalog oc22 Batov International




From Africa 

The Path 

The Clash 


Batov Records presents a full-length foray into the musical world of Italian producer and multi-instrumentalist Ayala, with particular emphasis on his love of African music, from Afrobeat to disco.

Whilst earning the support of leading DJs such as Colleen Cosmo Murphy, Dave Lee, Danny Tenaglia, J-Kriv, and DJ Rocco, Ayala has built an increasingly visible profile producing and DJ Previous to ‘Views’, Ayala worked closely with the likes of Hector Romero, remixing jazz sensation Web Web, and receiving the remix treatment himself from cosmic disco legend, Daniele Baldelli, NY partY starter Nickodemus, and Italian stalwart Musumeci. Now ‘Views’ sees Ayala heading deep within, into his primary loves, Afrobeat and African funk, evolving a warm and organic sound, irresistible to the ear, soul, and body.