Atjazz & Jullian Gomes | Big Bad Crazy (2/2)



Don Esquire

Love Me

Empty Paradise

Back in... First time on the new website, a bit of an Atjazz classic from 2018 - high-quality soulful mainly instrumental house, pure class with his touch and jazz to techno influences.

"This sampler to a digital LP kicks off with ‘Decoded’ layering a dynamic and deep synth melody with echoing arps and blissed-out guitar samples. ‘Don Esquire’ follows up twisting and turning vocal refrains amongst an emotionally charged concoction of synth stabs and cosmic bleeps.

On the flip side, ‘Love Me’ delves into more techno territory, resonating and reverberating elements around the depths of the mind, to induce a hypnotic state of awe. The final track ‘Empty Paradise’ evokes distant memories from the past, combining dusty drum samples, hazy piano melodies and those dreamlike vocals that echo off into the ether”.

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