As One | The Unveiling (Black Vinyl)

As One

the unveiling (black vinyl)

Label: De:tuned
Cat No: ASGDE038

Status: Landed

12" As One De:tuned Techno


The Unveiling

The Ladder (Ian o'Brien remix)

Absorption Spectra (The 7th Plain remix)

Descent Module

Kirk Degiorgio returns with 'The Unveiling'. Two impressive new cuts in his pure techno mode - then uniting fellow early UK 90s heads Ian O'Brien & Luke Slater with their deep techno mixes of tracks from his 'Communion' album

The title track stands out with a classical synth progression and beautiful harmonies, resulting in an uplifting Detroit fused techno cut. 'Descent Module' takes you on a driving acidic trip and has all the characteristics of a hypnotic floater for the after-hours. This one is special.