Ars Mundi | EL Genio De Los Pies Rojos

Ars Mundi

el genio de los pies rojos

Label: Thank You
Cat No: Thankyou010

Status: Landed

12" Ars Mundi Backcatalog oc22 Italo Thank You


El Genio De Los Pies Rojos

La Bebida Fuerte

El Regresso Del Infierno

Completely unorthodox production techniques employed by one of Spain's maestros from the 80's, THANK YOU brings back one of Julian Ruiz's craziest productions that come with a potential threat to any well tuned HiFi. A remarkable dubby/italo rhythm section sets the foundation for a dreamy melody. Inspired in Indian mythology. Includes 2 other shorter titles from the album originally released in 1986.