Arpanet | Quantum Transposition



Innershell Shielding

Planck Factor

Entangled Photons

Heisenberg Compensation

Ionic Crystals

Entrophic Decay

Probability Densities

Orbital Wavelengths

Information Quanta

EPR Effect

Quantum State Recombination

Wave Function

Isotopic Balance

Uncertainty Principle


Superposition Many Worlds

Re-issue of Arpanet's second album from 2005. After the critically acclaimed 'Wireless Internet' album Arpanet goes on a starker and more experimental ambient trip. As with his other pseudonyms, Gerald Donald pushes the envelope further on every album with sonic explorations of scientific, technological and social themes. Originally released on Rephlex, now remastered for Clone Aqualung Series with a new exclusive track from the same sessions 'Superposition-Many Worlds'.

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Clone Aqualung Series

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