U & Radioactive Man | The Houghton Blues EP


Sounds Like Prince

Machines Chit-Chat

What Happened To The Stash

The Houghton Blues

ARA-U & Radioactive Man turn a bad situation into a great collection of tracks with their latest collaborative release The Houghton Blues EP. the accomplished electro innovators serve up pure analogue vibes and raw machine funk - extra-strong grooving electro business!


When cult Norfolk gathering Houghton Festival was canceled in 2019 because of high winds, this pair had just bought some booze and were already on their way. After a moment's sadness, they decided to turn bad news into good and head to the studio to work on some tracks. For the next two days, they stayed high on music as their Prophet, 101, 808, 303, and the Juno synths whirred and flashed.

ARA-U, of course, is the UK-based Venezuelan and longtime live specialist. He runs his own NO STATIC / AUTOMATIC label and, like Radioactive Man with whom he has already collaborated on the Plastic Attack EP, he is a master of his machines. dBridge, Posthuman and Alienata have all played his music before now and he remains at the heart of underground electro.

Right there with him is Radioactive Man, who has a career spanning 30 years, labels like Warp and many seminal collaborations from Two Lone Swordsman with Andrew Weatherall, with dBridge as dBRm and Billy Nasty as RadioNasty. He is a hugely prolific producer who has kept the quality levels high across five solo albums and countless EPs. He now heads up his own Asking For Trouble label and continues to innovate in the studio thanks to his live approach to making music.

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