Aphex Twin | Digeridoo (Expanded Edition)

Aphex Twin

digeridoo (expanded edition)

Label: R&S Records
Cat No: RS9201X

Status: Landed

2x12" Acid Aphex Twin IDM R&S Records Techno



Flap Head



Digeridoo (Cr7e Version)

Digeridoo (Live In Cornwall) (Cr7e Version)

Isoprophlex (Slow) (Cr7e Version)

Phloam (Cr7e Version)

Digeridoo EP was released on R&S Records label in 1992..after the titlle track came on AFX’s 1991 white label..Over the last 32 years the track has become one of the essential Aphex Twin tracks in a gargantuan catalogue that continues to amaze and inspire.

“I wanted to have some tracks to play to finish the raves I used to play in Cornwall, to really kill everybody off so they couldn’t dance,” Richard D James, AKA Aphex, told Select magazine back in the 90s. “Digeridoo came out of that.”

The EP included early Aphex productions (now classics) including the industrial, acidic clang of ‘Flap Head’ and hyperbolic futurism of ‘Isopropanol’, the release cemented a relationship with the R&S label that went on to release the ‘Xylem Tube’ EP and the pivotal album ‘Selected Ambient Works 85-92’ in the same year. The label’s owner & A&R Renaat Vandepapeliere reflected “When I first heard Aphex Twin’s music I said, ‘This is it!’, and everybody else said, ‘You’re crazy!’ …a lot of the hardcore R&S fans dropped us. To them it wasn’t music.”

This Expanded Edition is the first time the EP has been re-issued with extra material. Whilst digging in his DAT archive (allegedly stored in an airtight military ammo box), Richard James revisited the recordings, encoding them through a Nakamichi CR7e cassette deck, using the customised deck with vari-speed to encode at speeds “felt right at the time”. Alongside these CR7e versions, the original mixes have been remastered by Beau Thomas at Ten Eight Seven Mastering, offering a dilated insight into one of electronic music’s most endearing releases.