Aphex Twin | Blackbox Life Recorder 21f

Aphex Twin

blackbox life recorder 21f


Blackbox Life Recorder 21f 

In a room7 F760

Aphex Twin first new music in 5 years,and its a goodie!   You could say sounding more like his older deep material, but maybe thats just because of the breaks - that synth line is the ultimate!

6 panel fold out anamorphic diorama sleeve. Packed in resealable bag. The superior black vinyl version.

The machines co-opted in production are as complex as the Weirdcore artwork, layering signature sombre ambient chords with intricate drum programming. ''Blackbox Life Recorder 21f / in a room7 F760'' marks Aphex Twin's official and celebrated return in 2023 to augment our current reality.