Antal (Ge-ology / Ascendant & Shannon Harris) | Pursuit Of The Journey / Gyenyame (Only God)

Antal (Ge-ology / Ascendant & Shannon Harris)

pursuit of the journey / gyenyame (only god)


Ge-ology - Pursuit Of The Journey

Ascendant & Shannon Harris - Gyenyame (Only God) (Holistic Harmony Mix)

The second release from the compilation series "Beyond Space And Time 002" selected by Antal… A-side features the vinyl premiere "Pursuit Of The Journey" by Baltimore's mastermind GE-OLOGY. Deep house with beautifully vibrant beats, glossy voice sampling and synth melodies that takes you on a vivid journey - he is showing the current state of the fresh US deep house.

Flip for a superb deep house with a mellow and raw Afro-futuristic rhythms played on actual machines "Gyenyame ("Only God")". This was released in 2006 from the excellent label "Urbanicity" founded by Chicago producer Shannon Harris who is known for almost all of its work being featured on David Mancuso's Loft playlist.