Ambient Warrior | II

Ambient Warrior



The Dub Chamber

Parisian Dub

Vibration Dub

Truths And Rights

The Dub Stepper

Dub Lounge

Desert Horse Dub

The Mighty Iguana

Land Of The Dubbites

Deliverance Dub

Nugus Dub

Following the success of the 2021 reissue of Ambient Warrior’s cult classic Dub Journey's (1995), Isle of Jura is pleased to present their unreleased second album, II. The album was recorded from 1995 to 1999 and is born from the same oceanside fusion of instrumental dub, reggae, bossa nova and tango music that made Dub Journey's so distinctive and memorable; II is an equally sublime collection of eleven unheard tracks from the brilliant minds of Ronnie Lion and Andrea Terrano.

Evoking the delights of white sands, palm trees and sunsets, all set against clear waters and endless blue skies, Dub Journey’s and II document the golden moment when Ambient Warrior came together during the mid-90s to create some of the most Balearic Dub ever made. “Music is the greatest traveller, isn’t it?” says Ronnie. “It gets to places the actual artists can’t even get to really.”