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The Evenings (Ewan Pearson Remix)

The Evenings (Ewan Pearson Instrumental)

Misericord the occasional label from Ewan Pearson and friends gives us this new EP from Al Usher - Adding an off-kilter electronic pop sensibility to his musical disco arsenal, Al has written his first songs, grappling with parenthood, ageing and post-Brexit identity with self-deprecation and poignancy.

Vocals are provided by partner Jeanette whose immaculate diction conjures Sarah Cracknell, Jane Weaver or Would-Be-Goods by way of Neil Tennant.

Ewan is on duties for additional production and mix, alongside a Sleeping Bag-ish disco re-rub of 'The Evenings' on the B-side for club use.

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Tags: 12", Al usher, Disco, Disco edits, Ewan pearson, Rle

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