ADN’ Ckrystall | Frankraut

ADN’ Ckrystall




Bretzel In Esslingen 

Mais Elle Est Passée Où La Mélodie ? 

La Chica Del Tyffanis De Playa De Aro 

Navajo Space-Ship Swing 

Bratwurst In Da Bush 

Unearthed music from French minimal synth legend ADN’ Ckrystall whose 1982 album 'Jazz Mad' was reissued by both Minimal Wave and Dark Entries.

“During 2021, Erick finally found the tapes forgotten somewhere at his parents house since 1984. Frankraut was a project born from the reflexion about the concept of marrying (and not the opposite) the romantico-poetico side: naive melodies flirting with research and experimentations in the electronic music à la française like illustration, bilbliothèque sonore (library) or music for film... and the cold, mechanic, motorik, hypnotic, psychedelic free explosive and creative side of the Krautrock”.