Various Artists | Bushwacka! Presents - The Beginning Or The End (Part 1)

Various Artists

bushwacka! presents - the beginning or the end (part 1)


TPO - Hiroshi's Dub (Milo's Garage Dub mix)  

Scotti Deep Presents Fathoms NY - Brooklyn Beats  

Metro - Here For The Love (Metropolitan Acid Mix)  

Berkana Sowelu - Solid Fuel (Morph Remix)  

Killer Loop - Someone (Juan Atkins Remix)  

Pure Science - Brighter Dayz  

Circulation - Scarlet (Mix 2)  

Aubrey - Daydream  

Quality selection from Bushwacka...

"The Beginning Or The End" spotlights tracks that reverberated through London's dance floors, originating from legendary parties such as Heart & Soul, Release, The Drop, Vapour Space, and iconic venues like Heaven and The End. Visionary DJs like Bushwacka!, Mr C, Femi B, Eddie Richards and Terry Francis skilfully blended elements from various house and techno sub-genres, placing particular emphasis on the skippy garage dubs and raw drum-tools that defined the New York house sound.

Drawing inspiration from the lessons of Detroit techno and the inventive approaches of New York garage and Chicago house, this compilation embraces deep emotion and funk without resorting to cheap tricks. It seamlessly merges these influences, incorporating techno's futuristic aesthetic with the abstract sound palette and rebellious attitude of acid house and rave. The result is a collection of tracks that defied conventions and left an indelible impact on the emerging underground scene, a legacy that continues to resonate today.