Ron Trent | Magic Carnival




Magic Carnival

With full mint picture sleeve

Sacred Medicine, the joint project/label Joaquin Joe Claussell and Ron Trent have been carefully crafting and honing over the past couple of years, brings you the second instalment of deepness and authenticity.

The much anticipated ‘Magic Carnival’, a song heavily programmed in their sets to maximum effect, is finally here.

Another manifestation of the powerful and original output of the label, ‘Magic Carnival’ builds and builds in a musical crescendo with signature musical elements pulsating all over the song to full impact.

A relentless spiritual groove... a special one-sided 12 inch made with love and extra care, to spread the message loud and clear…


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Sacred Medicine

Tags: 12", Chicago, Deep house, Joaquin joe claussell, Joe claussell, Ron trent, Sacred medicine

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