Various | Claremont Editions Volume 4

C56LP 027


Hillside - Crossing (feat Quinn Lamont Luke)

Mudd - Massimo's Steps

Bel - Ready To Die (Mudd extended mix - Blank & Jones edit)

Fureby, Moscoso & Faber - Halcyon

Smith & Mudd - Journey Seven

Neumayer Station - Bassrutscher

Yamp Kolt - Saturate (feat Yuzz)

Ferdi Schuster - Resonance

Hear & Now - Chimaera

A mixture of unheard gems from the label vaults and brand-new, previously unreleased tracks. Label founder Paul ‘Mudd’ Murphy continues with this blueprint on 2024’s instalment, the fourth in total.

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Claremont 56

Tags: 2xlp, Balearic, Claremont 56, Downtempo, Hillside, Mudd, Smith & mudd, Soul

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